Simon Shin
Adjunct Professor

Simon Shin

Seung Mo ‘Simon’ Shin holds a BFA and MFA from Hong Ik University in Korea. He has worked for major electronic producers such as LG Electronics and Zenith, and started Design Notions LCC.

His pragmatic designs include products for industry, such as air conditioners for home, office, retail space and automotive, air conditioner bracket designs, control systems for atomic power plant, and simulator consoles.
His consumer product designs include blenders, coffeemakers, rice cookers, hair dryers, analog watch designs, CPT TV, console TV, LCD TV, projection TV, plasma TV, and computer monitors.
His commercial product designs include business essentials such as cash registers, fax machines, and laptop computers.

Simon has climbed Mount Everest, as well as other high points of the world. He has been an active member of the New York Section of the American Alpine Club since 1996.