Pete Rembetsy
Adjunct Professor

Pete Rembetsy

Pete Rembetsy was born in Boston Mass to a family that appreciated the visual and performing arts. Much of his early days were spent with show people and actors which gave him a variety of different outlooks. He started drawing at an ealy age . He would spend Saturdays at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts where be was befriended by many of the art students. His family traveled extensivily and this only helped to broaded his art career.
To date he has had close to 80 one man shows and won numerous awards for sculpture and photography. He has shown in the northeast as well as the midwest. His formal education in the arts was reinforced by his studies with Peter Volkos, Charles Chu, Jules Dagostini, Dave Flaherty, Ed Shire and other visual artists.
He was awarded a Lifetime Achievement in Art from Lyme Academy, College of Fine Arts. He has lectured and demonstrated his art form from Savannah Ga, to Boston Mass.
His works are in the collections of the Whitney Museum, State of Connecticut, W.R. Grace Corp, John Meyers Collection, Arlene Rubin Foundation, and many more. Today he spends his time creating art and as well as maintaining positions as a board director for the Gallery at Kent, and The CT Graphics Advisory Boards as well as teaching at Housatonic Community College. He has twice been choosen as Adjunct of the Year at HCC.
Professor Rembetsy holds a BS and MS degree.