SASD Undergraduate Programs

The mission of the Shintaro Akatsu School of Design (SASD) is to offer professional education in the design fields leading to baccalaureate and master’s degrees and successful careers in design. SASD develops students’ abilities to identify, analyze, and solve design problems using culturally sensitive and environmentally sustainable methodologies and technologies. SASD is committed to advancing the use of best practices in all areas of design.

The SASD Design programs are built to emphasize the importance of practical, theoretical, and professional activities and practices in the various design fields. Students learn about the fundamentals and details of design; their application to real-world use; design’s impact on the user population; and the various means and methods needed to take their designs from concept to reality. SASD Design facilities include studio spaces, computer labs, libraries, and an inspiring location. We have a large international community with contacts in other countries to exchange ideas, and we are proud of our international designer-in-residence program.

Professional Environment

Each student has a space for in-class assignments with an adjacent computer design studio, a clean room for large-scale mock-ups and a well-equipped model shop and a photography studio. In addition to the full time faculty, practicing professional designers are invited to teach studio courses ensuring that the student receives a practical and current education.

Portfolio Focus

An important semester event is the Open House; professional designers are invited to a portfolio review in a celebration of the student’s semester work. An aggressive summer internship program for the sophomore and junior students is key to their professional success. The senior thesis reinforces this internship experience. With the combination of a professional, robust portfolio and extensive internship experience our graduates are well prepared for an exciting and fulfilling career.

Computer Emphasis

We have a strong Computer Aided Design (CAD) emphasis balanced by traditional skill development. We use powerful programs that include Vellum 3D, form•Z, Photoshop, Illustrator, IronCAD, Alias Studio, Maya, Final Cut Pro, Premiere, Flash, and Solidworks. An example of our cutting-edge use of technology is in the Junior design studio, where students use the computer to directly create prototypes using stereolithography through a local high technology company.

Local Innovation

Connecticut has a spectacular history of innovation, invention, engineering, illustration, and design. Connecticut has the highest patents per capita. Many well-established corporations and a rapidly growing array of new high technology companies are in the immediate area. Bridgeport Machines, Dictaphone, Pitney Bowes, Remington, and Sikorsky Aircraft Corporation are next door and the World Headquarters of General Electric is in the nearby town of Fairfield. Evo, Product Ventures, Group Four Design, and 9th Wave are just a sample of the consulting animation, advertising, and interior design design firms a short distance from Bridgeport.