SASD Juniors in 48-Hr Repack Win Again!

Apr 2021 — The team of four SASD Industrial Design Juniors Ethan Shaheen, Julia Williams, Emory Ortiz, Zach Berger, and Alex Breiner placed in the top 10 (so far) in the annual 48-Hour Repack Challenge. Their entry, Eco-Belt, will advance to the final round on Thursday 29 April.
Eco-Belt also won the HiCone Sponsor Award “Most Innovative”.


Students countrywide are challenged to address issues with packaging techniques to make them better, less wasteful, more secure, and more attractive. The teams get together over a single weekend to hammer out a solution to the problem posed at ether zero-hour of the challenge, and work through to produce renderings, virtual models, physical prototypes, and promotional material.


This year’s sponsors were the Coca-Cola Company, ASB, ORBIS, PMMI, Hi-Cone,, ESKO, and Berry.

Submissions from the two SASD teams are here and on YouTube.
Eco-Belt Team

No-Snap Team

Repack Challenge Criteria

Sponsors pose a problem to re-package a product, and students respond. This year’s criteria were:

What are the criteria the design is being judged by?
20% Promotes responsible use of materials. Your package should use renewable or
recycled materials, be recyclable, and promote recycling.

15% Improved functionality. Good packages are easy to use. Does your package promote consumer convenience – i.e. easy transporting, handling, opening, dispensing, resealing, preparing or reuse?

15% Creativity and originality. How did you approach the problem in a new and revolutionary way? How does your product stand out on the shelf?

10% Practicality. Designed for Business – hits the sweet spot between what a consumer will desire and can afford and what a manufacturer can produce for a profit.

15% Emotional Connection. Besides its functional value, does your package create the emotional connection with the consumer, can it create a “got to have it” feel at the point of purchase.

25% Presentation. Presentation of the idea is often ignored until last but is often the key to a winning idea. Entrants will be allowed to submit supporting documentation (in .pdf ) and a video (via YouTube or via ftp server) to convey their ideas. (Package images are required.)

Repack Challenge Judges

Judges for the Re-Pack were:
John Manderfield
VP Creative Design
Altium Packaging

Lisa McTigue Pierce
Executive Editor
Packaging Digest, “The Voice of the Packaging Community.”

Christine Yeager
Director, Sustainability PMO at Coca-Cola
Coca-Cola North America

Repack Challenge Final Top Three

The top 3 winners will be revealed at this year’s IoPP NextPack Virtual Event on April 29th.
This event is FREE for everyone (students, professors, family members) BUT you need to register here at Eventbrite to receive the Zoom link.

More on the Repack Website

Written by sasd