SASD Hosts Hearts of Hope Helpers


Apr 2018 — Hearts of Hope is a nonprofit charity based outside of Philadelphia, Connecticut, Virginia, and Washington State and was created in response to the national tragedy of September 11, 2001.


Hearts of Hope expresses a movement of hope by taking clay, rolling it out, cutting out shapes into hearts and then firing them in the kiln to fire them into ceramic. Next they are purchased by volunteers or used in workshops like ours here at the University of Bridgeport, to be painted and sent nation wide to those in need. Hearts of Hope is touching hearts at cancer centers, military bases, hospitals, communities, and national groups.


After getting messy with the clay we then were able to paint on hearts already fired to be sent to people in need. Students here at the University of Bridgeport were able to paint whatever inspiration of hope they desire. When done we filled out a card to let the recipients know who made them and what our message is to them. We had so much fun meeting the volunteers and organizers of the Chapter in Connecticut. They educated us on everything about the process and to know that we gave someone in need a little ounce of hope was so worth it! If you get a chance visit their website and make a donation today!
Hearts of Hope

— Katie Atkinson, Graphic Design 2021


Written by sasd