Qianying Niu, SASD GD Junior, named one of top ten Anhui students

On April 24th, the 6th “Top Ten College Students” final review of “Anhui Heli Cup” Anhui University of Engineering was successfully held in the recording and broadcasting classroom of No. 5 Teaching Building. Su Guohong, deputy secretary of the school party committee, Xiao Xuedong, executive deputy director of the school’s working committee, party responsible for the party committee, organization department, propaganda department, student work department, postgraduate work department, regulatory office, school union, school league committee, etc., Wuhu The Municipal Civilization Office, the Youth League Committee of the Communist Youth League, the head of the Youth League Committee of the Communist Youth League, and 16 representatives of teachers and students served as judges. Nearly 300 people from the two levels of colleges and universities, and representatives of students attended the jury. More than 1,000 people watched the live broadcast through the QQ public number of the school league committee.

The 20 finalists answered PPT reports in turn, covering the top ten categories of moral demonstration, technological innovation, self-reliance, volunteer service, innovation and entrepreneurship, social work, foreign exchange, literature and art creation, physical exercise and environmental protection. The students may talk about the personal experience of political theory study, carry out the selfless “great virtue” of the propaganda activities; or tell the iron-bone pursuit of carrying a pen to vote, be a soldier for one day, and surprise the whole life; or tell the love of scientific research competition and win all kinds of awards. Team spirit; or telling the self-improvement spirit of shouldering the burden of family, still enthusiasm for learning; or telling stories of entrepreneurship that constantly advances in ignorance and constantly achieves self; or tells about the poverty-stricken feelings of going to the front line of poverty and watering hope with sweat Or telling about sports, the spirit of sports that morality is sent to the body…

The final review adopts the offline voting method, and 16 judges and teachers are based on on-site reporting and comprehensive review of written materials. Su Guohong read the results on the spot. The School of Art Visual Communication (Chinese-foreign cooperation) 2016 undergraduate Niu Qianying and other 10 students were assessed as the sixth “Top Ten University Students” of Anhui University of Engineering, and 10 students of the 2016 Bachelor of Arts in Humanities College Yang Fan won the Anhui University of Engineering. Sixth Top Ten College Student Nomination Award.
In the comments, Su Guohong pointed out that each time the top ten college students’ final report is a vivid ideological and political class, the excellent deeds of the students deeply infect every teacher and student present, showing the spirit of contemporary college students to be good. She praised the outstanding qualities of political literacy, family feelings, social responsibility, hard work and hard work reflected by the students. She hopes that the students who participated in the selection will not forget their original intentions and look to the future. The students who come to watch the judging conference will take the initiative to learn from the advanced representatives and enrich themselves. The selection activities of the top ten college students will gradually become the typical vane of the selection of trees inside and outside the school. The power of role models to promote students to grow into talents faster and faster.

Congratulations Qianyang Claire Niu!

Written by sasd