design management at SASD

Graduate Program/MPS

Masters in Professional Studies in Design Management

The Masters in Professional Studies program in Design Management connects the world of design and the world of business via the study and application of Design Thinking methods. The program is focused on building the professional management capacity of individuals in design, marketing, service delivery, or business who want to lead in project management of communications, products, and services.

Our students aspire to become leaders who use creative processes and strategic analysis that result in innovative solutions to real-world business challenges. This is achieved through Design Thinking, a process that emphasizes creativity, teamwork, and customer-centric research tools. Students will learn to solve problems using the Triple Bottom Line: equal emphasis on the creation of social responsibility, environmental sustainability, and financial sustainability. This is often referred to as “People, Planet, and Profits.”

We are fully integrated with the School of Business with nearly half the MPS credits earned in business courses and taught by MBA faculty. These courses are in Strategy, Leadership, Marketing, Operations, Finance, and Legal.

Practice oriented and academically rigorous, the MPS in Design Management powers systemic thinking, and builds holistic understanding to address, solve, and present solutions.

In this 5-minute video, SASD faculty and students discuss design management in SASD’s program