Meet Graphic Design Grads

Summer 2017 — Download PDFs from recent graphic design students who put together sample sheets of their recent work and told their stories of how they got interested in graphic design and found their passion for making design at SASD.

GD Fernandez, Amanda

Amanda Fernandez

Graphic Design — Class of 2017
I grew up in Stratford, CT and initially went to Housatonic Community College for my Associate’s in Graphic Design. When looking at schools to achieve my BFA…
Amanda Fernandez Bio PDF
GD Stefne Jean

Stefne Jean

Graphic Design — Class of 2017
I am from New York City, born in Brooklyn and raised in Queens. I went to the High School of Art and Design and there I studied animation…
Stefne Jean Bio PDF
GD Rose DeLeon

Rose DeLeon

Graphic Design — Class of 2017
My story is a little different than other UB students. I was stuck in my ways: I wanted to attend a famous college in the city, and I did, after graduating with my A.S. ButI hated it. I then transferred to UB…
Rose DeLeon Bio PDF
GD Victor Veloz

Victor Veloz

Graphic Design — Class of 2017
I have been commuting daily from New Milford CT, which is about an hour north of Bridgeport, to SASD every day for four years…
Victor Veloz Bio PDF
GD Sandy Lor

Sandy Lor

Graphic Design — Class of 2017
I’m from Detroit, MI. I attended a summer open house at UB/SASD in 2014 and met Professor Munch for the first time. By just how much personal attention he gave me and some other prospective students, I decided to transfer to SASD…
Sandy Lor Bio PDF
Nina Jones

Nina Jones

Graphic Design — Class of 2017
I was born and raised mostly in Bridgeport and originally wanted to study creative writing. I have always been into creating as an artist…
Nina Jones Bio PDF

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