Kazuji Akatsu Day in Bridgeport and at UB

Tue 11 Apr 2017 — Bridgeport, SASD, and UB welcomed our benefactor and trustee, Shintaro Akatsu, and his father, Kazuji Akatsu, to the Arnold Bernhard Center on the UB campus for a pleasant day of presentations and tours.

In the Schelfhaudt Gallery Stephen Healey, UB Provost, opened a session of presentations with opening remarks, and introduced Neil Salonen, UB President, who welcomed Mssrs Akatsu to UB. Chika Honjo made a presentation of the state of UB and its position in internaional affairs; she was followed by Richard Yelle, director of SASD who gave greetings.
Professor Yelle then offered the lecturn to senior students in Industral Design, Josh Hauge and Catlin Zampieron, who each showed projects they worked on as final design projects.

Frank Ganim, mayor of the City of Bridgeport, took the lecturn next as he declared the day, Kazuji Akatsu Day in Bridgeport; Mr Akatsu accepted a proclamation to that effect and made remarks to the audience in appreciation.

The mayor, on his way to Hartford, was able to stay only for presentations by graduate students, Brisa Barraza, Justin Canas, Alice Scalfi, and Ryan Therrian concepts for a better Bridgeport experience, among them parklets in place of parking spaces, branding, pavilions, and trails.
Professor Emily Larned next introduced her students in Graphic Design, Stefne Jean , Sandy Lor, and Victor Veloz.
Professor Marsha Matto introduced her students in Interior Design, Allison Antosh, Sarah Laffitte, and Daniella Varella.
Closing remarks were made by the Provost and the company adjourned to the DuPont Tower Room while the faculty and the senior Mr Akatsu retired to take on academic regalia; a procession into the Tower Room resulted in the conferral on Kazuji Akatsu of an Honorary Doctorate.

The entire program party and guests then enjoyed a luncheon and dessert and the fesitvities ended at 1:30, just in time for classes and a tour of ABC.
Congratualtions to Dr Kazuji Akatsu and his proud son Shintaro!

Written by sasd