Industrial Design Alumni Exhibit

Sat 28 Sept 2019 1:00–3:00 — UB Industrial Design alumni are exhibiting their works in an exhibition in the Schelfhaudt Gallery, Arnold Bernhard Center (ABC) on the Bridgeport campus of the University of Bridgeport. Ranging from the late 1960s to the early 2010s, their work show the extent of the influence that industrial designer have had and have on the shape of things we use, every day.

A special opening reception on Saturday afternoon — 1:00–3:00 28 Sept — in the Gallery will be held at the kickoff of Homecoming Weekend.

The Industrial Design Alumni Exhibit will be on view through Sat 19 Oct 2019.

Participants include:
Alex Ananin
Ken Barlow
Bruce Benedetto
Greg J. Coyne
Lex Curtiss
Paul E. Delmerico
David W. Hurlburt
Luke Johnson
David Kaiser
Arthur E. Landi
Joseph Mancinelli
Patrick McCauley
James Mielke
Robert Mileti
Gary Palumbo
Andrew Pelko III
Jon Pope
Derek Riemer
Rodrigo Saa
Greg Smiley
John Staton
Justine Sullivan
Gary van Deursen
Costas Varkarotas
Lisa DelGrande Waldo
Ken Weseman
Scott Gotheil-Yelle
Michael Zambelli

Written by sasd