graphic design at SASD

Graphic Design Curriculum

The SASD Graphic Design Program offers two four-year B.F.A. programs: Graphic Design, and Graphic Design New Media. Each curriculum is a B.F.A. (Bachelor of Fine Arts) of 125 credits minimum. 

Graphic Design students are versatile visual communicators, designing for a wide range of print and digital media, including identity systems, websites, posters, typefaces, motion graphics, and books.

Graphic Design and Graphic Design New Media majors share the same foundation year in the fundamentals of design. Beginning the second year, students choose electives in accordance with their major and their interests, and proceed together through the Design Studio sequence.

The Graphic Design program consists of integrated, inter-disciplinary sequences which strengthen concept development, communication skills, critical thinking, problem solving abilities, creativity, research methods, and professional practice.

The Graphic Design major offers opportunities for interdisciplinary collaboration, internships, real-world client projects, social impact design, entrepreneurship, and a self-directed thesis project in the senior year. 

First Semester

3 ADSN 103 2-D Design Principles
3 ADSN 105 Drawing I
3 ADSN 119 Intro to Computer Applications I
3 ADSN 117 Survey of Art History I
3 FYS C101 First Year Seminar: Design Thinking

Second Semester

3 ADSN 108 3-D Design Principles
3 ADSN 106 Drawing II
3 ADSN 219 Intro to Computer Applications II
3 ADSN 118 Survey of Art History II
3 ENG 101 Composition & Rhetoric Core
3 MATH 102 Nature of Mathematics

Third Semester

3 GDSN 255 Graphic Design Studio I

3 GDSN 203A Typography

3 ADSN 377 History of Modern Design
3 Soc Sci Social Science Core

3 Hum Humanities Core


Fourth Semester

3 GDSN 256 Graphic Design Studio II

3 GDSN203C Identity & Logo

or GDSN 204 Calligraphy & Letterforms

3 ADSN 231 Photography

3 ADSN 379 History of Graphic Design

3 ADSN 207 Illustration Studio I

3 Soc Sci Social Science Core



Fifth Semester

3 GDSN 305 Graphic Design Studio III

3 ADSN 230 4-D Time-based Media

3 ADSN 225A Web Applications I

3 Nat Sci Natural Science Core

3 MCOM Elective


Sixth Semester

3 GDSN 306 Graphic Design Studio IV 

3 ILLUS 305 Illustration I

3 GDSN 212 Visual Semiotics

3 Hum Humanities Core

3 Nat Sci Natural Science Core



Seventh Semester

3 GDSN 355 Graphic Design Studio V
3 MCom 339 PR & Advertising Campaigns
3 GDSN 425A Design Service
3 Liberal Arts Elective
3 Caps C390 Capstone Seminar: Design & Business

Eighth Semester

3 GDSN 356 Graphic Design Studio VI
3 ADSN 304x Business Practices
3 GDSN 425B Design Service
3 GDSN 398 Internship
3 ADSN/GDSN elective

SASD is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), the governing body of undergraduate and graduate art and design schools.