What will I learn in the SASD MPS-DM program?

DM study prepares graduates to create, manage, and lead design in process-driven organizations by providing perspectives on business, operations, sustainability, management, leadership, entrepreneurship, design innovation, and design research.

Classes provide experiences of designing, managing, and improving design-intensive firms and develop students’ capacity to inspire and lead creative teams.
Our curriculum develops strategic management skills in six specific areas: operations; finance; marketing; organization and human resources; innovation and change; and suppliers, distributors, and markets.
Our program is designed for recent graduates and early to mid-career professionals seeking to complement their design and business skills with new industry contexts and practices. Our two-year program helps craft creative leaders, those who can bridge the disciplines of design and business and nurture collaborative innovation with a sustainable strategic advantage.
SASD is known for its long-standing strength in industrial design. The DM program is an outgrowth of that base and the flexibility and excellence of the School of Business, staffed by faculty drawn from the ranks Fairfield County, CT resident business persons.
The two-year program of study requires 42 credits to complete and leads to an accredited academic degree, the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Design Management. 42% of credits earned are courses in the Business School. The remaining 58% of credits are earned in DM courses at SASD.