Will I write a thesis?

Yes, a thesis is a necessary part of the MPS program and is completed in the fourth and final semester of study. You will be given material to help you find a suitable topic and a schedule to follow to produce the best results.

How does SASD’s program compare with other programs?

Design Management is a very young area of specialization and academic development. Each graduate program chooses how to balance design and business ideas. Everyone agrees that there is and should be some aspect of design in Design Management. An MPS is not the same as an MBA, after all. Finding the right way to inject design into the curriculum is an ongoing topic of great reward. We believe our balance is optimal, but it is up to you, the prospective student, to determine for yourself which program best meets your needs.

Are any of the classes available online?

No, none of the MPS courses are taught online. Two of the most important aspects of the program are leadership and collaboration, neither of which can be fully explored and experienced in an online course.

Can I work while I am studying?

Absolutely. The program is organized so that business classes can be taken on weeknights beginning at 6:15pm and the MPS courses are scheduled for Saturday mornings beginning at 9:00am.

How long is the program?

It typically takes four semesters to complete the MPS program’s 42 credit hours. You may begin in either the fall or spring semesters and you may elect to take business courses in the summer to spread the coursework more evenly throughout the year. The MPS courses are only offered in the fall and spring.

What kind of books and how many will I be reading?

You will typically read one book per semester for the Collaborative Design Studio and up to ten books (or significant other readings) per semester for the Design Management course. The books in the DM course are chosen by the visiting lecturers, so every semester has a different group of selections. Shown here are a some recently assigned books.


What will I learn in the SASD MPS-DM program?

DM study prepares graduates to create, manage, and lead design in process-driven organizations by providing perspectives on business, operations, sustainability, management, leadership, entrepreneurship, design innovation, and design research.

Classes provide experiences of designing, managing, and improving design-intensive firms and develop students’ capacity to inspire and lead creative teams.
Our curriculum develops strategic management skills in six specific areas: operations; finance; marketing; organization and human resources; innovation and change; and suppliers, distributors, and markets.
Our program is designed for recent graduates and early to mid-career professionals seeking to complement their design and business skills with new industry contexts and practices. Our two-year program helps craft creative leaders, those who can bridge the disciplines of design and business and nurture collaborative innovation with a sustainable strategic advantage.
SASD is known for its long-standing strength in industrial design. The DM program is an outgrowth of that base and the flexibility and excellence of the School of Business, staffed by faculty drawn from the ranks Fairfield County, CT resident business persons.
The two-year program of study requires 42 credits to complete and leads to an accredited academic degree, the Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Design Management. 42% of credits earned are courses in the Business School. The remaining 58% of credits are earned in DM courses at SASD.

What is an MPS degree?

The Master of Professional Studies is an accredited academic terminal degree, equivalent to an MFA, an MBA, or an MS. Our MPS degree is a balance of 60% design management courses, taken at SASD, and 40% business courses, taken at the University of Bridgeport’s School of Business.