Design Management Students Win Big at 2016 Faculty Research Day

Apr 2016 – UB Faculty Research Day is a premiere academic event on campus, providing a venue at which the diverse array of research undertaken over the past academic year, by faculty and students is showcased. It is an opportunity to show innovative ideas from the school of Arts and Sciences, School of Business, School of Education, School of Engineering, College of Public and International Affairs, Shintaro Akatsu School of Design and the various health institutes.
This year, the first place award in the graduate students category went to Nishant Kansal, Priyama Barua and Giovana Soares, for their poster “Analyzing Household Participation in the Single-Stream Recycling System”.
Third Place went to Ryan Therrien, Pippa J Ellis, Hussein Hussein, Alice Scalfi, Stephen Chang, Grady Guo, Marsha Matto, Priyama Barua, Nishant Kansal, Giovana Soares, Ernest Ang, April Jingwei Kang and  Erin Frano LaFavor for their poster “Metrocrops”.
Honorable mention for  Ernest Ang, Paola Andrea Goren, Reem Almalaq, Pippa Ellis, Priyama Barua, Melanie Jackson, Nadia Mandourah, Nishant kansal, Giovana Soares, Erin LaFavor and Cheng Xiong for their poster, “Design Thinking in Action – Bridgeport YMCA”.

All students are Design Management Majors at SASD.
Industrial design majors Phillip Carroll and Joshua Hague also presented their poster “High Altitude Monkey (HAM), Project: HAM Robot Puppet” and “High Altitude Student Project: Capsule”, along with Nadia Mandourah, design management major, who presented her thesis work “Saudi Interior Design Circle: A Complete Model to Start a Community for Interior Designers in Saudi Arabia.”


Written by sasd