48-Hour Repack Challenge Results

7:00pm–7:00pm Fri–Sun 27–29 Jan 2017 — Colin Drost reporting.
To start off the 48 hour repack we started ideating by sketching thumb nails. Then an hour later we hung the sketches on a wall and explained our ideas to the whole group. After that we broke off in to slightly smaller groups and then decided who wanted to design which packaging between battery, lunch meat, and cereal. Once we had our groups we then worked to get the final concept.

The next day we started ideating again to find out how to make the package look and function the best. After we had a final design we created the laser cut blueprints and worked on the packaging graphics. We cut the first model that night and adjusted it for the next day.

 The final day we made the model with the graphic and had to find a way to bend the paper over the box without ripping it. We steamed the paper as we bent the box into shape as a solution. After the model was build we made the commercial and wrote the essay along with it and submitted the project a exactly at 7 when it was due.
We’re all rooting for SASD to come back with another place or win!

Written by sasd