Zheyuan Chen

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Zheyuan Chen

Contact info

Email: zheyuanchen06@gmail.com | zheychen@my.bridgeport.edu

Phone: 203-243-0106

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Hope to be an industrial designer with influence on the world

Professional experience

Internship at Zhejiang Chengyuan Engineering Consulting Co., Ltd.
• 3D model designer

Internship at Yiwu Planning and Design Institute
• designer assistant

Go to Hanyang University for exchange study

Worked at the University of Bridgeport a
service assistant

Relevant skills

• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe Premiere
• Soildworks
• Keyshot
• Rhino


Zhijiang College of Zhejiang University of Technology, Design School Shaoxin, Zhejiang
Bachelor of Industrial Design 2016-2018

University of Bridgeport, Shintaro Akatsu School of design Bridgeport, CT
Bachelor of Industrial Design May. 2020

Additional info


University of Bridgeport Academic Scholarship,

Two years Third Prize of Science and Technology Innovation Competition

Second Prize in Social Practice Competition


Zheyuan Chen has attended undergraduate studies at the Zhijiang College in China, and the University of Bridgeport in the USA. He has received his Bachelor of Science in Industrial Design from the University of Bridgeport. Based on these
experiences, Zheyuan has gained valuable insight into unique ideologies and design methodologies fostered by these institutions. Zheyuan has show a proven ability to succeed within diverse learning environments. Zheyuan has strong aptitudes in
Solid Modeling, Computer Generated Rendering, Physical Prototypes, along with a proficiency in Graphic Design.

Zheyuan’s exposure to unique cultural experiences has resulted in his unique point of view. These experiences have allowed Zheyuan an increased awareness and empathy and will solve creative challenges, helping to add value to his
design process.

Favorite Projects

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