Graphic Design Program

The four-year B.F.A. Graphic Design program consists of an integrated, inter-disciplinary sequence that is designed to strengthen communication skills, promote teamwork and individuality, stimulate creativity, and provide both traditional and technological skills for the career-oriented student. Graphic Design students learn techniques and processes to build their portfolios with works prepared for both traditional print and new media including typography, branding and identity, promotional campaigns, publications, motion, and interactive.

Typefaces, logos, and websites, drawing, painting, and video: all part of the SASD Graphic Design Program. The program emphasizes process, real-world community projects, and skill-building toward a final self-directed project in the senior year.

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Traditional graphic design is very much at the heart of SASD Graphic Design; solid design principles apply across all media whether print or screen.
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SASD Graphic Design now has a concentration in New Media, focusing on the digital and electronic media that have revolutionized design, publishing, and information exchange.
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SASD is an accredited member of the National Association of Schools of Art and Design (NASAD), the governing body of undergraduate and graduate art and design schools.

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